An unprecedented time in world history, this film is the chilling and unforgettable story, not from the perspective of historians, but of six brave eye-witnesses from the horror of Auschwitz, an ordinary soldier who liberated Dachau, a young woman who helped the thousands of wounded soldiers and those living under the jack boot of Nazi totalitarianism.
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Two Springhill Avenue Temple Youth Group Students Victoria Hirsch and Cory Garfunkel interview these individuals to hear their personal experiences during the tragic time of Hitler's reign.
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"This documentary film is a profoundly important gift of the two young people of Mobile's Spring Hill Avenue Temple and even more of the six witnesses of the Holocaust who tell their stories on camera. Unique in this film are the stories of people who, in that awful time and place, lived the horror of a prisoner in Auschwitz, the shame of a Nazi uniform, the compassion of those who dared to help as they could, and the honor of a liberator. I especially wish that youth groups in Christian and Jewish congregations might watch this remarkable presentation together and find new ways of resolving that "never again."
~The Rev. Albert Kennington, Episcopal priest

"We are extremely impressed with your craftsmanship, your eye, and your editing. Terrific! The best work I have ever seen you do."
~ James Mapes, James Mapes Organization

"You did an excellent job with We Remember.
It's a poignant film - informative and inspirational."
~ Susan Granger, Entertainment Critic
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